No Gods No Masters Action Plan

1) Practice the art of light protest, and share projection image NFTs with the crypto community.
2) Get noticed, and establish a reputation as an activist/artist in crypto land.
3) Learn the mechanics of building in the NFT space, the DAO space, and issue a token.
4) Earn an income that allows me to spend all my time in crypto.

1) Delight and inspire the crypto world with bold, “crypto revolution” messages projected on prominent landmarks worldwide.
2) Create NFT photo/video collections, and distribute/sell in a way to create a self sustaining project for ongoing light protest.
3) Launch a DAO to build community and share decision making around protest actions and spending money.
4) Figure out how to lift up other people as a result of this work. Build stuff/help others.

Write up a plan and get feedback/buy-in from IRL Underground community.Attend Jan 6th event at IRL, and pitch the project.
Write up a final plan.

NFT Collection:
Write marketing copy for the project: name , byline, one sentence, 2 sentence, 4 sentence.
Build v1 website with image galleries -> ~ completed.
Do the first action around BTC in Denver, 4 locations, 5000 images ~ completed.
Put up NFT collection(s). Polygon chain on OpenSea. Perhaps also on Solana. IRL partner, see website.
Create a smart contract to automate the bulk creation of NFTs.
Promote, launch, gift, sell NFTs. Is this fine art photography, or something else?
Launch Genesis A NFT Collection ~ 4 available now on OpenSea

Suede DAO:
Create the DAO and issue the SUEDE token using Aragon – ~ completed.
Proceeds from NFT purchases go into Suede DAO, to fund future actions.
NFT buyers receive SUEDE tokens, and thereby, voting privileges. Part of the smart contract.
Make a Discord for Suede DAO.
Launch SUEDE token on exchanges.

What is the brand and market position?
Figure out how to get noticed and achieve critical mass on this project.
What in influencers will tweet the project, gift them an NFT?
How to divide collections? How many NFTs in each collection? Use  lters? Drop, launch, gift, reveal? Pricing?
How to choose which cities to take the project? Local buy in. Sell NFT pass for city? DOA decides?
Use Polygon on OpenSea?
How do I create that smart contract for bulk upload? Who can coach me? Retain camera metadata.
What is the breakdown for dividing proceeds?
How do you get listed on a CEX or DEX?